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LANDPLANE® reviews

R. N. Wells

Several years ago we gambled on purchasing a 10ft LANDPLANE® from G.T Newman, General Engineering, Dargaville, from a photo & description advertised in the Farm Equipment news. We are very pleased with the way it performs. This size LANDPLANE® requires a minimum of 80 H.P tractor to pull it. It is great on levelling ditch spoil etc. Ploughed ground no need for your roller. We farm at Mokotua 22kms South East of Invercargill found the above firm are excellent to do business with. We welcome anyone who would like to come and view this implement.

S. Notter

Some time ago I started developing property into 10 acre lots on a peninsula of the Kaipara harbour, just out from Maungaturoto which has great views and water access. Large amounts of soil had been dumped adjacent to our roads and right of ways, over 6.5 kilometres. We were forced with having to tidy up and level it off to make lines accessible for fencing and to create a well presented property. Firstly I tried a levelling bar with reasonable success and then I tried the land plane for about 2 hours - the difference in performance and finish was quite staggering, I'd say it's at least ten times better than the leveller and I bought the land plane the same day I trialled it. Over three months I spread 15,000 cubic meters of lime rock, all the clay and topsoil has been levelled off and the LANDPLANE® still looks like new. For the money invested the LANDPLANE® is, in my opinion, the best machine for the job that I have ever owned and it has performed way beyond my expectations. It's a very versatile machine and I would recommend it to anybody for levelling paddocks, any race work, lime rock or metal jobs. The box does a superb job in trailing metal and for the cost it's great value for money.

Victor Kooter

I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the LANDPLANE®. We have been doing a lot of paddock work and it just works GREAT. It is a very enjoyable machine to work with and the results are excellent. We certainly will recommend it to anybody who is looking for a level, because it is not just a level. I am very impressed.

Chris Biddles

I have owned a LANDPLANE® for nine years and have been most impressed with its versatility and ease of operation. Used with a hydraulic top link it has been very successful in all the jobs I have done. I used it to reform my driveway and ended up after 4 hours work with a crowned road with water table and smooth surface ready to apply metal. The same job done with a grader blade and leveler has in the past taken me well in excess of double the time with an inferior end result. I have used it after disking when developing peat swamps, for spreading drain banks and for spreading topsoil on my airstrip to repair stock damage. The LANDPLANE® is a very solidly built implement that adds value to our farming operation. Our farm is 730ha, with sand, peat and sandstone soil types. We farm beef breeding cows, including a stud and finish all stock. With more than a 3rd of our farm developed from scrub during the last 20 years I understand the need for good implements.
This is one.

Serious Incinerator reviews

Colleen & Wyste Donker, Whangarei

We have both models of de-CRAP-it, a front end loader 3.0m tractor version and a mini de-CRAP-it “herd-home” model. Both get used every day through winter and spring.
We love that they are both so quick and easy to use, especially the quad bike model, just drive into it, hook it on and you’re away. We highly recommend them.

de-Crap-it® reviews

Erna Cullen

We just LOVE our incinerator!!!
Never has he who must be obeyed (whatever!) been so diligent about burning rubbish... I never get near it!!! He's even keener to do paperwork if he can burn the rubbish after!!! He finds it great to burn other farm 'rubbish' and the place is starting to look tidier. He wishes he bought the bigger one!!!
Thanks so much!

Chris Dawkins

Our Incinerator arrived safely. It's a wee bit more robust than I imagined! In the advent of a nuclear holocaust, we thought we could use it as a shelter!

Richard Wallace

Our customer told us how much he likes his incinerator. Says he bought it from the Fieldays about 15 years ago. Richard believes his incinerator is central to the success of his orchard and garden. Telling Margaret he had heard a speaker in Australia say that nothing should leave your property, all garden waste should remain, either in compost form or created into a form that can be reused, reduced or recycled. With his incinerator Richard is able to do just that. Composting whatever is possible, reducing other items to ash and then putting the ash into the garden. Currently operating with a fire permit from his council, Richard believes that over the years his incinerator has saved him thousands of dollars.

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