Other Products

Our innovative range of products, made on site, will add value to you, your business, home or lifestyle block. See below for examples of what we can do. Call us for specific information on your requirements.

We offer a wide range of products made on site by our team. Take a look at the gallery below for examples of our work, then give us a call to discuss your particular requirements. We also do all types of repairs, so just let us know what you need! Our custom built kumara harvesters and water carts are other options.

Kumara harvesters

This double row harvester has one-way steering, hydraulic tilt & main belt speed controlled from your tractor cab. Workers stand at a good height to sort kumara to a separate belt feeding the field bins which are hydraulically lifted and lowered. Side crates can be hung onto the sides to allow workers to grade the harvested kumara. Our kumara harvesters can be customized to suit your individual requirements. Optional extras include 2-way steering, hydraulic shakers and a PTO pump.

Range of products:

  • Bean Trellis
  • Floodgate
  • Kumara moulder
  • Stainless stall dairy maid
  • Feeding trough
  • Custom build pizza oven
  • Planter box with a rustic style
  • Water tank of a 2000L capacity
  • Steel water cart
  • Optional extras

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