With options for a regular 3 meter de-CRAP-it® or Mini de-CRAP-it®, there's no "mucking" about!

de-CRAP-it ® scrapes and cleans effluent and muck from Feed and Stand Off pads. Made to fit 3 point linkage or FEL attachments as required.

The de-CRAP-it® features a swivel hitch along with a wear adjustable rubber skirt and (optional extra) side guide wheels to help prevent damage to feed bins and the implement.

The de-CRAP-it® product will make mucking out a lot easier and many of our customers have noticed a serious decrease in water usage and wash down time. We offer two sizes of the de-CRAP-it®, a regular and a mini. The mini requires some assembly but can be adjusted to fit most makes and models of quad bikes.

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